zondag 24 juli 2011

Bring out the big guns

Hello all,

July is almost over, so it's time to present my next regiment. For this month I have chosen to paint up some artillery. The models are, like all the models for my CSA army, provided by the Perry Brothers. As a single artillery piece would be a bit meager, I opted to paint 2 pieces. I also planned on including the commanding officer but due to time issues, he won't be ready until next month.

Now onto the artillery. Usually I look for a specific regiment that appeals to me because of background, history and looks. But unlike infantry regiments, artillery regiments pretty much looked all the same, or all different, depending on how you look at it. Most regiments were provided with the standard grey uniforms trimmed with scarlet, the traditional color for artillery. So grey uniforms with red trimmings could be found pretty much in every regiment. However most artillery regiments did little in the way of uniformity and clothing differed greatly within a regiment on an individual basis. Forage caps were mixed with slouch hats, the old pre-war light blue trousers and blue overcoats could be seen being worn frequently and as supply issues started out butternut showed up among the artillery crews.

Another reason why I choose not look for a specific regiment comes from a practical gaming point of view. The Perry's were kind enough to provide each of the artillery pieces with 3 different barrels to represent different kind of guns. This leaves me free to swap the barrels and have my batteries represent different batteries on a battle to battle basis.

Both artillery pieces are equiped with their 12 pdr Napoleon barrels. The spare barrels are 12 pdr Howitzer barrels and light 6 pdr barrels.

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