maandag 30 mei 2011

Here comes the cavalry!

Due to some personal problems, I didn't have all that much time to paint. At times I even doubted I could finish my first regiment by the end of the month. But I made it, even with a full day to spare. So without further delay I proudly present my first regiment in the A Regiment A Month series. The 1st Virginia Cavalry. Why the 1st Virginia you ask? Well, my favorite WW2 tank is definatly the M3 Stuart. From there on I started looking into the backgound of the man who gave his name to this lovely little tank. After a bit of research on James Ewel Brown Stuart, I came across the 1st Virginia and I was immediatly drawn to their history.

The 1st Virginia Cavalry began the war as a group of independent companies from the Shenandoah Valley, organized into a regiment by J.E.B. Stuart, who later became a Major General.  It consisted initially of 12 companies, and completed organization July 16, 1861
One of the most famous Confederate cavalry regiments, the 1st Virginia was led by such intrepid leaders as J.E.B. Stuart, "Fitz" Lee, and "Grumble" Jones.
The 1st distinguished itself in in many actions, the regiment fought in over two hundred battles and skirmishes. Despite heavy casualties, the 1st maintained its high morale and elan to the bitter end.  Escaping at Appomattox Court House, the regiment marched on to Lynchburg before disbanding on April 11, 1865.

Stuart's horsemen wore chiefly homespun clothing of plain gray or butternut with black facings, or "Hussar's Bars" sewn onto the front of the jackets.  The short jackets early in the war were similar to the Richmond Depot Type I shell jacket design, which had epaulets, sleeve trim, and belt loops.  Although the traditional trim color for cavalry was yellow, the 1st Virginia wore black-trimmed uniforms instead, including a broad-brimmed black hat, often with a black plume.

Now onto the next regiment. For june I'm gonna paint some Infantry, still not sure what regiment but I'm sure I'll come across a regiment with an appealing look and history. 

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  1. Very sweet, I will honorably face them on the field of battle

  2. Good looking regiment Wim, nice work!