donderdag 21 april 2011

And so the journey begins ...

Hello all,

These are my first steps in the world of blogging ... and the 21st century as some people would like to have me believe. Yes Tomsche, I'm looking at you. As if I didn't have enough on my hands already ... every little bit of spare time I had left will be gone now.

So what is this all about? A week or so ago the aforementioned Tomsche suggested to do our own version of the classic GW series : A Tale of Four Gamers and share the result with the rest of the world via a blog. As I didn't have a blog yet, creating one seemed like the logical first step, so I guess this is where it all begins. Over the next months I will try to entertain you with status updates on paint projects, the "A Regiment a Month" project, an occasional battlereport, mad ramblings on miniature wargaming and to lighten things up with something completly different : cycling, being my other great hobby.

Anyway, here's what I'm currently working on, and mind you, working is to be taken very liberaly :-)

  1. Project Mary : Beatifull 54mm mini, produced by Hasslefree. Currently assembled and waiting to be primed
  2. Project Artemis : Another beaty, again Hasslefree. Partialy assembled and waiting to be primed
  3. Project Voyager : The USS Voyager from Star Trek by Revell/Monogram. Partially assembled, primed and some parts have already been given their basecolor.
  4. Project ACW : This is going to be my project for a Regiment a Month. Current status : browsing the web for suitable miniatures, order almost ready to be placed.
  5. Lead Painters League : Vote for me! I would just like to win 1 round before the end. 
That's about it. Of coarse like any wargamer and modeller out there, there is still a lot more stuff hidden away, some half finished, some things still in the box, waiting for the day I finaly have time to pick things up.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Great! Tomsche can be persuasive, can't he?! ;-)

    Curious to see some mini's...and cycles...and mini's on cycles!

    Good luck with your blog!

  2. Total world domination always starts in your neighbourhood ;)

    Glad to liberate you of your free time teeheeheee

  3. Free time? What's that? lol!
    Glad you jumped on the "blogcart" with us, now start posting!